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Outer Material: We use BASF TPU in all our boots except for our leather series. This helps us to insure a consistent, strong but flexible outer.  For our Genuine Leather line, we use only first quality Argentine leather.

Inner Liner: Our boots are Neoprene free - very important to avoid excessive heat build up that could lead to tendon damage, one of the leading causes of lameness in horses. Majyk boots contain two types of inner material. The first is a light, breathable eco-friendly bio foam designed to repel water and dust with a super-soft feel. This type of foam is used in our X Country and Vented Infinity TPU series. For our Dressage and Leather boots, we use the same family of foam but with an added impact protective element. Both types of liners are hypo allergenic to help protect sensitive horses and avoid allergic reactions often associated with traditional foams. 

Strike Guard/Inner Protection: Our inner strike guards feature a proprietary new technology called  ARTi-LAGE.

ARTi-LAGE is a dilatant material that has the ability to change its molecular state under impact threat. Soft and pliable in its usual state, the molecules harden to dispel energy impact when struck. This makes it perfect for equine use, where a horse's natural movement needs to be unhindered during regular exercise but needs immediate protection from any trauma caused by a hard strike.

Watch these videos demonstrating the amazing ARTi-LAGE dilatant foam technology in action.  Click the links:  


Boyd Martin Vented Infinity Stadium Series
Outer Construction
Majyk Equipe has recently introduced the Vented Infinity Series. These boots feature an outer shell made from German grade BASF TPU designed to withstand the rigors of riding while remaining flexible to move with a horse's natural movement. The dual hardness outer strike guard is carefully engineered so that the raised outer core is strengthened to repel impact while the inner core is slightly softer to flex with the horse's tendons. This allows freedom of movement and helps to protect overheating and inflexibility of the tendon, a leading cause in bowed tendons and suspensory injuries. The addition of vents lined with micro mesh filters help to keep the boot ventilated, allowing vital air flow to the leg. USA brand Velcro® closures are double stitched for easy grip and durability.

Inner Construction
Inside the outer strike guard is a secondary defense system. Utilizing ARTi-LAGE dilitant material, the inner strike guard presents a soft foam like structure during normal exercise. When impact is detected, the molecules inside the foam change composition, hardening to form a protective barrier and deflecting energy away from the point of impact. Once the threat has passed, the molecules return to their usual state. The inner liner is made from an eco-friendly non-neoprene bio foam. The foam's composition is soft to the touch with enough traction to help prevent the boot slipping. The foam is naturally breathable but has additional perforations to help heat management. The anti fungal and hypo allergenic properties make this the perfect choice for the sensitive horse.

Boyd Martin Genuine Leather Series
We start with the finest Argentine leather, nature's perfect material. The entire boot is made from leather - there is no artificial 'pleather' or other material incorporated in the construction. The sturdy design provides the ultimate comfort while the European styling gives a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Inside the boot is a removable liner. This liner is sized to add additional cushioning across the front of the boot where it touches the horse's leg, helping to prevent rubbing or chafing and alleviating pressure points. The liner is made from a proprietary high impact bio foam material designed to repel impact - an additional layer of protection not usually found in traditional leather boots. 

Boyd Martin X - Country and Sport/Dressage Series
Our Boyd Martin X Country series starts with a perforated outer TPU Re-Flex mesh outer, with layers of lightweight protection designed to repel dirt and water while allowing the horse's leg to breathe. These boots are lined with a proprietary, breathable bio foam with extra large perforations. The foam has enough traction to stop slipping, while remaining super soft and comfortable. The boot features a four-way interior flexion strike plate made to flex in four directions to mirror a horse in motion. It's lightly curved shape and design form a hard protective wall when struck. The Color Elite XC series has a fusion outer mesh with a breathable exterior. Inside you will find our breathable bio foam and TWO layers of protection - our four way flex guard and a layer of ARTi-LAGE - our proprietary dilatant material. The entire boot is coated with our 'Forever Clean' technology that helps maintain the boot and makes it easy to rinse off dirt.

 The Dressage/Sport boot features an outer strike guard with ARTi-LAGE providing an additional inner impact dispelling layer. Both styles are bound with durable binding and double stitching to insure a well finished boot. USA brand Velcro® features double stitched ends for easy grip and long lasting wear.