Boyd Martin is an international three-day eventer representing the USA across the world, most noticeably at the recent 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. His wife Silva Martin is a Grand Prix dressage rider competing nationally and internationally. Boyd and Silva run Windurra USA, a full service training facility based in West Grove, PA and Aiken, SC. Boyd is available for training and personal clinics both at home and away.

​Majyk Equipe is a California based Horse Protection Wear company. Majyk specializes in making leg wear with cutting edge technology, and superior styling at an affordable price. Majyk was founded in 2011 by a team of dedicated riders whose professional background had been in the sporting goods and nutrition world. Realizing that the same core principles of human protective wear could be adapted for equines, the team used its vast experience and manufacturing partnerships to gain access to the best technologies and materials currently available. Every product made by Majyk is designed, sourced and manufactured in house. Unlike some other companies who buy 'off the shelf' products from mass manufacturers and put their name on them, Majyk is keenly involved in every aspect of their production from inception to final models - this attention to detail ensures that  only the best products bear the Majyk name. You can find out more about all Majyk Equipe at

Majyk started its partnership with Boyd Martin in 2013 after Boyd met with Majyk's founder, Michael Sirjani, and was immediately impressed with his approach to protective horse wear. Through an intensive design and testing process, Boyd and Majyk launched the Boyd Martin Series of boots and continue to add styles and products to the line. Today the line includes the Boyd Martin XC series, Boyd Martin Stadium Series, Boyd Martin Leather Series and more to follow.

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